Two new papers: Reinforcement Learning Produces Dominant Strategies for the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma and Evolution Reinforces Cooperation with the Emergence of Self-Recognition Mechanisms: an empirical study of the Moran process for the iterated Prisoner's dilemma

I spoke at General Assembly's Break Into Data Science event in San Francisco. I'll also be on an upcoming Talk Data to Me panel on Educational Technology and another Break Into Data Science event in June.

I appeared on a recent episode of Talk Python To Me with Vince Knight and Owen Campbell discussing the Axelrod game theory library. Thanks to our host Michael Kennedy!

New Publication: An open reproducible framework for the study of the iterated prisoner's dilemma, with Vincent Knight, Owen Campbell, Karol Langner, et al (open access). This paper describes the open source Axelrod research library. Check out some visualizations of the data produced by the library.

My paper Stationary Stability for Evolutionary Dynamics in Finite Populations with Dashiell Fryer has published in Entropy.

I taught a part time Data Science course with General Assembly from May to August! Thanks to GA and all the wonderful students in my class.

I attended a workshop on Evolution, Statistical Mechanics and Information Theory in Munich (July 2016). Here are the slides from my invited talk.

I'm giving an invited talk at CCS15: The Industrial Age and Thermodynamics; the Information Age and... What? on Sept. 30th. [Cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. My apologies!]

I am co-editing a Special Issue of Entropy: "Information and Entropy" Submission deadline December 31, 2015. I hope to read your submission!

I was a visitor at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Ontario, CA June 8-12. Thanks to PI and my host Matteo Smerlak!

I co-organized a workshop on Entropy and Information in Biological Systems with John Baez and John Harte, hosted by NIMBIOS in Knoxville, Tennessee, April, 2015. Slides from my talk: Information Transport and Evolutionary Dynamics Video of talk. See the announcement and the official website.

My guest blog post on stationary stability and finite population dynamics is live here on the Azimuth blog!

New Publication: The Art of War: Beyond Memory-one Strategies in Population Games, with Chris Lee and Dashiell Fryer. PLoS One, March 2015.

Preprint now available: Entropic Equilibria Selection of Stationary Extrema in Finite Populations, with Dashiell Fryer. pdf

I attended the Joint Mathematics Conference in San Antonio, Jan 2015, and participated in three talks in the AMS Session on Mathematical Biology IV:

New Publication: Lyapunov Functions for Time-Scale Dynamics on Riemannian Geometries of the Simplex, with Dashiell Fryer. Dynamic Games and Applications (DGAA) [ArXiv preprint] (Formerly titled "Stability of Evolutionary Dynamics on Time Scales").

I attended MathFest in Portland in August 2014 and gave a talk with Alison Reddy.

I attended SIAM Life Science 2014 -- gave three talks, abstracts: 1 2 3, and the SIAM Annual Meeting 2014, giving three talks, July 7-11.

I was a judge for the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Los Angeles, May 11-16, in the category of Cellular and Molecular Biology.

I participated in a panel discussion on online education in mathematics at the Missouri MAA meeting in March 2014.

My guest post Relative Entropy in Evolutionary Dynamics appeared on the Azimuth blog. Thanks to John and the Azimuth team for the editorial work!

Preprint now available: Entropy Rates of the Multidimensional Moran Processes and Generalizations. ArXiv

I attended the IPAM workshop at UCLA on the Mathematics of Social Learning, January 6-10, 2014, and the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Baltimore (Jan 2014).

John Baez discussed my work during his Information Geometry series. In particular, see Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12. Also see John's slides from one of his talks.